unique social impressions

Oct - 28 - Nov 03

Robert Sepulveda Jr. 







Arisce Wanzer

unique social impressions

Oct - 28 - Nov 03



  • Unique monthly podcast listeners have surpassed 75 million per month.

  • 88% of podcast subscribers listen to every episode.

  • Users listen to about 22 minutes per podcast.

  • The average podcast lasts about 30 minutes.

  • Users prefer podcasts that last less than 16 minutes.

  • The average commute time in the U.S. is 25 minutes.

  • There are currently over 550,000 active podcasts. 



  • INTRO/MUSIC INTRO: Give listeners the main headlines and topic for the current episode, the days guest on the show and other important information.

  • Sponsor/Brought to you by/Support for this program tbd

  • LIVE from Los Angeles, CA this is ALL THINGS NOW

  • Answer question(s) from listeners 

  • Discuss with expert live or via call. 

  • OUTRO: That's it for another episode of  All THINGS NOW with your host Robert Sepulveda Jr. and Arisce Wanzer where we talk ALL THINGS. Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and twitter @tbd. Until next time...

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A podcast on discussions ranging from sex ed, love, relationships, current news topics, politics, fashion, etc.

 All with two close friends at the helm, knowledgeable in most of these areas, bringing a fresh viewpoint, with the help of new weekly guest that are experts in the said field.





("experts'' will either be in-studio or call in)

(working title)

  • Current breaking news/hot topic 

(to name a few)

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